Mind Body Wellness Counseling


As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) Jean offers a full range of counseling services for individuals, couples, and families.

People come to counseling for a variety of reasons. Some are in crisis. Others are seeking to learn to manage the everyday stresses of life more effectively. Some come to counseling working to improve their relationships, to assist in a career decision, or for guidance in a time of transition. Others come because they are suffering from anxiety, depression, or a physical illness.

Counseling is a collaborative effort. Jean assists clients in discovering the resourcefulness and creativity they inherently possess. She helps clients navigate and bridge the outer world experience and the inner world process.

People are unique and individual. We all have untapped strengths that can be developed and nurtured. Even in our difficult times, we are trying to find meaning in our lives and our circumstances. We are trying to heal. Jean allows, supports, and nurtures the unfolding of this process. It is the process of discovering and nurturing one’s own body, mind, spirit and soul that allows healing to occur.

Jean deeply respects the therapeutic process. She employs an integrative approach as a psychotherapist and mental health provider. She incorporates therapies such as: Jungian Depth Psychology, EMDRPsychodynamic approachesSolution Focused TherapyCognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Creative Exploration.

Jean’s experience with Chinese Medicine allows her a unique perspective of the healing process as one seeks harmony, balance, and meaning. She has expertise in Mind Body Wellness Counseling. As an experienced health care provider in Chinese Medicine since 1997, Jean offers Mind Body Wellness Counseling to assist people who live with (medical issues or) illness, either personal or in the family. Mind Body Wellness counseling also addresses issues related to aging.

When your life changes because of a health problem or because of issues related to aging, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. This is true whether you are experiencing the health problem or if it is a family member or friend close to you that is having the experience.   This can lead to anxiety or depression. Together we can explore the symptoms, the illness, and the impacts that arise.

An illness has a very personal impact as one experiences emotion such as sadness, anger, or fear. An illness also impacts one’s lifestyle and relationships. A web of outer concern will arise at the same time you are experiencing the personal effects of the illness. Mind Body Wellness counseling offers assistance in processing the personal impact of the illness as well as the impact it has on one’s lifestyle and relationships.

Since 1997, Jean has been with working with clients who have illnesses in her acupuncture private practice.  She has also worked at Idaho Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, a chronic pain clinic, for five years. In October of 2007 Jean received her credentialing as a Licensed Professional Counselor in order to further assist her clients. Jean has specialized training in counseling to offer you support and guidance during a difficult time.

Counseling Description Mind Body Wellness Idaho

Mind Body Wellness counseling encourages both wellness and healing. Medical studies have shown that techniques which connect mind, body, and spirit can help with:

  • Faster recovery from surgery;
  • Stress management;
  • Fewer side effects from treatments such as chemotherapy;
  • Lower risk of high blood pressure and heart attack.

If you or someone close to you is experiencing symptoms related to an illness, or issues related to aging, Jean can help you explore:

  • The personal impact you are experiencing;
  • The impact on your lifestyle and relationships;
  • The symptoms and how they affect your inner world and your outer world.
Counseling description Mind Body Wellness Idaho